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Katie’s Gym Kit Order Form

Gymnastic Sleeveless Red Leotard

Childrens Sizes
  Size Age (approx) Unit Price Quantity
Small Girls 4-5 years £28.50
Medium Girls 5-6 years £28.50
Int. Girls 7 years £28.50
Large Girls 7-8 years £28.50
X-Large Girls 8-10 years £28.50
Adult Sizes
X-Small Girls 10 years £28.50
Small Girls 12 years £28.50
Medium Girls 14 years £28.50
Large Girls 16 years £28.50

BackFlip Short Sleeve T-shirt

  Colour Age (approx) Unit Price Quantity
white 2-3 years £11.50
white 3-4 years £11.50
white 5-6 years £11.50
white 7-8 years £11.50
white 9-11 years £11.50
white 12-13 years £11.50

BackFlip Long Sleeve Jumper with Hood

  Colour Age (approx) Unit Price Quantity
red 5-6 years £16.00
blue 5-6 years £16.00
red 7-8 years £16.00
blue 7-8 years £16.00
red 9-11 years £16.00
blue 9-11 years £16.00

BackFlip Sling Shoulder Bag

  Colour Dimensions Unit Price Quantity
Blue tbc £10.00
      TOTAL £spacer
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